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MPO/MPO-OM4-12F-3.0MM-LSZH-10M introduce

MPO/MPO-OM4-12F-3.0MM-LSZH-10M introduce


It looks like you are asking about a specific type of fiber optic cable. Based on the description "MPO/MPO-OM4-12F-3.0MM-LSZH-10M," here's a breakdown of the components:

  • MPO/MPO: This refers to the type of connectors on the cable. MPO (Multi-Fiber Push-On) is a type of fiber optic connector designed for high-density applications. It can connect multiple fibers in a single connection.

  • OM4: This is the classification of the fiber optic cable, which indicates the type and quality of the fiber. OM4 is a high-performance multimode fiber that supports high data rates over longer distances. It is often used in high-speed networks such as data centers.

  • 12F: This specifies the fiber count of the cable. It contains 12 fibers in a single cable.

  • 3.0MM: This is the outer diameter of the cable.

  • LSZH: This stands for Low Smoke Zero Halogen, which indicates the type of jacket material used. LSZH is a safer option, especially in enclosed spaces, because it produces low smoke and no toxic halogen gases in case of fire.

  • 10M: This specifies the length of the cable, which in this case is 10 meters.

In summary, this is a 10-meter long fiber optic cable with 12 fibers, using high-performance OM4 multimode fiber and MPO connectors on both ends. The cable has a 3.0mm diameter and a low smoke zero halogen jacket, making it suitable for high-density data center applications or other settings where high-speed, reliable connections are required.